YWCA Equal Pay Speaking Series

In 2017, our fourth annual awards programme, we launched The Equal Pay Speaking Series.  The events featured a raft of speakers who are leading the change debate around equal pay, who all have outstanding expertise, stories and case studies to share. They provided excellent commentary, know-how and most of all, an honest account of equal pay as a journey and work-in-progress for any organisation. Participants got the opportunity to ask questions specific to their organisation as we know there is ‘no one size fits all’ when it comes to equal pay.

These common questions and theories were answered. 

  • 'We don’t have a pay gap - we wouldn’t let that happen… but we haven’t done a review’.
  •  ‘We have checked our fixed pay and we don’t have a gap’.
  •  ‘I am paying her more than she got in her last role'.
  •  ‘We don’t have a pay gap because we have salary bands’.
  •  ‘Our variable pay is performance driven so there is no bias’.
  •  ‘Women choose lower incentives and higher fixed pay’.
  •  ‘It’s not our fault men and women have different negotiation styles’.
  •  ‘It’s too hard. It’s impossible to compare ‘apples to apples’. The data is too complex’.
  •  ‘We have an organisation-wide pay gap, but that’s explainable by women’s career choices, gaps in leadership and career breaks/flexibility. We don’t have a like-for-like gap’.

We know there's no simple formula or one size fits all approach, which is why we pulled together a team of people with first hand experience across a range of industries and expertise to answer questions around equal pay.

Here are video recordings of the 2017 speaking series event in Auckland.

To register an interest for future events, please email zoe@akywca.org.nz