Data Audit Tool Instructions

  1. Save the File (YWCA Equal Pay Awards Audit Tool 2018) to your network drive
  2. Enter the mandatory data in the "DataInput Sheet“ (download here)
    • Department / Division / Section
    • Staff Level - Tier 1 / Tier2 / Tier 3 / Tier 4
    • Gender - M/F/O
    • Hourly Pay rate ($/h)
    • Employment status - Full time or Part time
    Please note; only the mandatory data is required for judging purposes. You do not need to provide your company name unless you choose to complete the optional fields to be provided with a more comprehensive dashboard if you have opted-in to receive this from Strategic Pay
  3. Upload your completed file to your YWCA Equal Pay Awards entry – at

Download full instructions here

Alternatively, upload a spreadsheet detailing your organisations gender pay gap and how this was calculated