Hostel Rooms & Rates

Our bedrooms are well furnished and contain a wardrobe, study desk, set of drawers, mini fridge and heating. We provide all bed linen: sheets, pillowcases and duvets. If you are a long-term resident, your sheets will be laundered every week. All rooms are protected with fire sprinklers and smoke detectors.

These rates include GST, power and heating and are effective from 1 February 2018 – 31 January 2019.

Rooms Available  Casual
1-8 wks
Single $70.50   $320.00   $217.00
North Tower Single $75.00   $341.00   $230.00
6th Floor Single (use of private kitchen on 6th floor) $76.50   $348.00   $236.00
Single Deluxe $80.50   $367.00   $242.00
Double $85.00   $387.00   $304.00
Double Ensuite $97.50   $444.00   $342.00

Room sizes
Single - 7.44 sqm
Double - 14.88 sqm
Single Deluxe - 10.85 sqm
Double Ensuite -19.38 sqm
6th Floor single - 8.05 sqm

We require a deposit of $75 to secure all reservations. This deposit is credited against your rent once you arrive. The deposit is not refunded if you cancel.

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