About Our Work

In the past ten years, our work has centred on girls from the age of 14 to women up to 40, from all cultures. We have worked effectively in partnership with local authorities, schools, funding bodies, community based groups and youth agencies to deliver our services.

YWCA Auckland has a track record spanning a century and a half. It has done so through constantly reinventing itself whilst sustaining its core values and purpose. We have used this experience as an opportunity to review how we fit into the context of 21st century New Zealand.

Our work supports the well-being, development and achievement of women and girls in a society that still does not afford an equal place to us alongside men. We are explicitly feminist in our intention to promote the full potential of young women and girls.

Why we do what we do

Young women in New Zealand today know they have more opportunities than ever before – economically, politically, educationally, and personally. But young women still face many challenges related to gender.

They don’t feel safe out on our streets or online. They are keenly aware of the inequalities between men and women. New media and technology reinforce gender stereotypes. They’re worried about money and supporting their families. With factors like New Zealand’s awful violence against women rates and the persistent gender pay gap, all young women in New Zealand face some pretty strong roadblocks to success. YWCA Auckland community programmes aim to arm young women with the self-confidence and skills to break through these barriers and give them a better chance at success.

On an annual basis we review and audit each of our programmes and undertake insights research to better understand the changing needs of young women.  Over the past four years we have interviewed 405 women on the streets of Auckland to help us better understand the needs of young women. In 2018, we spoke to 145 women and this word cloud captures what they told us is big for them.

Download and read the 2018 Community Insights Report HERE