Kura Reo

Hinekura is the YWCA Auckland’s culturally responsive youth development programme for young Maori women. During the 2018 annual surveys the importance of learning Te Reo was highlighted by its participants as a way to increase feelings of identity and connection. 

I was given the opportunity to further develop these skills on behalf of the YWCA Auckland by representing at the 30th Kura Reo conference. Kura Reo was implemented by Sir Timoti Karetu as a week-long total immersion learning environment to revitalise Te Reo and increase Maori speakers. 

At the event over 200 second language learners represented various government sectors, workplaces and iwi to learn from Reo experts such as Karetu and Pania Papa. With 40 of those in attendance identifying as Pakeha, Kura Reo is an example of the inclusiveness of Te Reo for those who are on a journey to embracing it.

My key takeaway from the week was to ensure that Te Reo and Tikanga Maori is embedded not only throughout the Hinekura programme but is also considered within the wider YWCA Auckland team. 

You can watch a Te Karere piece on the Kura Reo celebrations here 

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