Give young women a fair shot at success!

Every young woman in New Zealand deserves the chance to fulfil their potential and succeed in life. Unfortunately not all of them get a fair shot at this. They lack the means to do so for varying reasons, usually socio-economic. That inequity just doesn’t sit well with us. YWCA Auckland and our Future Leader Programme in particular are committed to giving these young women that fair shot.

Please consider helping us out - any amount can make a huge impact.

Hillary’s story is a great example of how getting that fair shot can make extraordinary things happen. Back in 2010, Hillary (centre, above) was a Year 10 student at McCauley High School. She was troubled, acting out, skipping school.

“I had hit rock bottom in Year 10. Lots of bad things had happened. I was so angry. My mum thought I was going to end up in jail and she was always saying “You’re better than this””.

The Year 10 Dean agreed with her Mum and insisted Hillary attend the Future Leaders Programme presentation.

“They talked about “being a leader” and “empowering women”. I wanted to know more”

Hillary got accepted into the Programme and her life began to change for the better. She reflected:

“Future Leaders provided the positive space I needed. I remember the workshops, study sessions, and the rope course where I conquered my fear of heights. We were always laughing. We talked about struggles. The Facilitator (Bena) was the best, she related to us and told us we’d get out of this programme what we put in. There were so many opportunities I wouldn’t have had. It opened my mind to other possibilities beyond my family’s expectations of just “get a job” and “provide”.

Bena (a former Future Leader Programme Facilitator) and Hillary have kept in touch ever since. Bena said:

“Hillary was one of our toughest. It was amazing to see her open up, to see her take the opportunities the Programme provided and put them to work”.

When Hillary and Bena popped in earlier this year, they had just been out to lunch to celebrate Hillary becoming a registered Midwife after completing a four-year degree in three years. She aims to be self-employed in South Auckland, to give back to her community. She is one of only three Samoan Midwives in New Zealand!

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